Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard hit the campaign trail today to drum up support for the Labour Party in Harrow.

Mr Izzard was in Stanmore with parliamentary candidate for Harrow East Uma Kumaran to talk to the public about Labours campaign for the European and local elections on May 22.

Speaking to the Harrow Times, he said: “I have been a Labour supporter since 1995 and people should vote for them for a recovery for the many and not for the few.

“I won’t be in the country in May but I will be voting by postal vote. Everyone needs to vote, if it’s on the day at a polling station or by postal vote, it’s so important.

“I’m a big fan of Europe, I have done tours in French, German and Spanish on the continent and I think we need to be part of it. We can’t not be a member and just be a little England.

“We must be a United Kingdom which is part of Europe and as a whole we will benefit.”

Mr Izzard has been on election campaign in Harrow before for the London Mayoral elections in 2012.