Park users and people who live near playing fields have cautiously welcomed plans for a new secondary school on the site.

This week the Education Funding Agency gave approval for the Avanti School trust to build a new school on the playing fields, in Wemborough Road, Stanmore.

Final approval for the plans will be decided by Harrow Borough Council’s cabinet tomorrow and will also include an agreement that part of the site will be retained for use by the wider community.

Dog walker Anthony Skordis, who regularly uses the fields, said: “It is great news a school will be going here, which mean the community will really benefit.

“I think it is important the fields are used still by people from the area and having a school and playing will be good for everyone.”

People living nearby welcomed the new school announcement but are worried about possible traffic issues.

Chandrika Patel, who lives on Wemborough Road said: "It’s great a school is going on the site. It will be a benefit to the community, but our worry is the traffic it will cause.

"There are already cars parked up either side of the road for the schools nearby and having a third on the site will make it worse."

"Parking is already an issue and I hope that is considered."

Mrs C A Johnson, who also lives in Wemborough Road said: “The road in the morning is so so busy and if they were to build a school there I think it could make things worse.

“Some days from 3pm onwards you can’t get out your drive because it is so busy. A new school is good but they need to consider the effect it would have.”

Under the proposals the new school site would have a total of 1,260 pupils after it reached its full capacity and will be the largest free school in the country.