People who were at school in 1954 are being called to help the Mayor of Harrow celebrate the borough's 60th birthday.

In May 1954 the Queen gave borough status to Harrow, which until then had been part of an urban district council.

In that year, schoolchildren across Harrow bought buttons to celebrate the day and now those same children are being invited by the Mayor Councillor Nana Asante for afternoon tea.

She said: “The Diamond Jubilee marks a special occasion for Harrow residents and the borough. Over the 60 years we have achieved so much which is well worth celebrating.

“The contribution of our 1954 schoolchildren is worth remembering as it shows what a community can do by pulling together.”

The mayor also aims to translate the borough's motto Salus populi supema lex’ (The welfare of the people is the highest law), into all 88 languages spoken in the borough.

People, schools or community groups are being asked to provide a translation which will be used by art students to create a banner for the celebrations next month.

Those interested in taking part in either the afternoon tea or the moto translation can contact the mayor’s parlour by emailing