Schoolchildren have challenged to create a short film about the dangers of smoking and the tobacco industry.

Park High School, in Stanmore, will take part in the project, run by organisation Harrow Cut Films.

Pupils were last week given the task of researching and then presenting short talks about the tobacco industry, shisha use and standardised packaging.

In preparation for their presentations, the 50 pupils learnt about film production, including key skills such as storyboarding, scriptwriting, filming and editing.

They have now being given the challenge of producing their own short films to enter into the Harrow Cut Films Competition 2014 to persuade their friends, family and community not to smoke.

Headteacher Emlyn Lumley said: “I would say it was the opportunity to engage in something that was on the face it about presentation skills, campaigning, researching and developing their skills whilst at the same time being able to embed within it some really important messages.”

The project was launched by Harrow and Barnet Public Health team at Harrow Borough Council.

The competition is open to people under the age of 25 to make a short film about smoking and those interested in taking part can do so by clicking here.