A new online service giving people advice about mental health has been launched.

The Big White Wall is being launched by NHS Harrow and will provide a supportive online community to give people help when they are feeling low.

Trained councillors called wall guides will be online 24 hours a day for those who use the service, offering advice and information about online courses people can do at home.

NHS Harrow hopes the free service will be used by people who may avoid using conventional mental health services.

Mental health commissioning manager Sunny Mehmi Harrow said: “This service will encourage people from Harrow to share their thoughts and feelings without the fear of being recognised or stigmatised.”

The service has already been launched in other parts of the country and has helped more than 17,000 people including thousands from the armed forces.

Those interested in using new online service can do so by going to www.bigwhitewall.com