A “high quality and sustainable” new teaching centre at a college has been granted permission, despite concerns from campaigners.

The proposals for Harrow College to build the new four and five-storey teaching block was given the go-ahead by members of Harrow Borough Council’s planning committee yesterday.

Plans will mean the demolition of temporary classrooms at the college’s Harrow-on-the-Hill campus.

Concerns were raised in last night’s meeting by Irene Wears from the Campaign for a Better Harrow Environment over lack of consultation and the visual impact of the development.

She said: “Only 85 notifications of the application were issues. This is quite inadequate in a predominantly residential location, largely populated by longstanding residents who take a proud and active interest in their area."

She argued there had been little thought into the creation of “new local views and vistas” which “should be exploited through the design and layout of new development”.

She said: “What is needed is an overarching outline scheme to show how new developments in the town centre might best interact to achieve the aims set out in the local plans, including new views.

“These present proposals should not be considered until the effect of its height has been properly assessed.”

Alan Simpson, speaking on behalf of the college, said: “This development and new building are a key and integral part of the college’s plans for the improvement of education provision.

“It will replace very poor old buildings already on the site. The new centre is a positive project not only for the college but for the whole of Harrow.

“This is a high quality and sustainable development for the college and shows the outside world that high quality education is being delivered in the heart of Harrow.”

The plans were given unanimous approval from members at the meeting.

The new building will provide enough room for up to 580 pupils and an estimated 140 members of staff.