A group of north London synagogues have voted to come together under a new name.

Members of Middlesex New, Hatch End Masorti and Harrow and Wembley Progressive Synagogues have formally united to create a single religious community.

Around 200 worshippers gathered last week to vote for the name Mosaic, which refers to both Moses and the art form made of small tiles, choosing the name over the term Kehila, which means community, at the group’s first general meeting.

Harry Grant was voted in as the new community’s first chairman.

Phil Austin, chairman of the group which helped bring the new community to fruition, said: “We are not simply tolerant of the life choices Jews make but welcome them. We are reaching out to those that cannot find a home in a single exclusive shul or even denomination, while at the same time extending our offer to existing members.”

The new community is planning events over coming weeks with a redesigned Purim service and an ‘open’ Seder.