They may not be quite so famous, but politicians recreated *that* selfie from the Oscars when they hit the campaign trail in Harrow.

Labour MPs including Sadiq Khan, Diane Abbott, Steve Pound, Andy Slaughter, Heidi Alexander, and Gareth Thomas tried to squeeze into the shot as they gathered outside Queensbury Tube station yesterday.

The photo mimiced Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie at the Oscars ceremony on Saturday, but the hand holding the smartphone was that of Labour parliamentary candidate Uma Kumaran, who has no smartphone to plug, but her eye on Tory MP Bob Blackman's Harrow East constituency.

In the background, familiar and not-so-familiar Labour faces took the places of film stars Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and Meryl Streep.

With Hackney MP and former BBC This Week commentator Diane Abbott perhaps the best known, the Labour attempt was in no danger of breaking Twitter, but did generate its own mini publicity storm.

It was soon followed on Twitter by the obligatory “and here’s how” tweet, with Harrow Times photographer Peter Beal appearing in shot.

Harrow Times:

And to bring the selfie cycle full circle, here is our man’s photo of the photo that replicated the photo.

Harrow Times: