People have been urged to pump iron in the fresh air at the borough’s outdoor gyms in a new fitness challenge.

Harrow Borough Council will launch its new ‘get active’ exercise campaign next Monday, to help tackle the rising obesity problem.

The authority wants people to use gyms in parks across the borough - including in Byron Park and Kenton Park - and record their workouts so they can track their progress.

Harrow’s public health team will offer advice on increasing or improving physical activity in a new challenge blog and on social media sites.

Residents can use the hashtag #dphchallengeharrow so their stories can be found on social media sites.

In May, the team will shortlist all entries and showcase three of the most inspiring stories, and all will be awarded a prize.

The campaign has been launched in response to Harrow and Barnet’s first public health report, which shows that over one in three adults were physically active during 2011 and 2012.

Cabinet member for health and wellbeing, Cllr Simon Williams said: “Thanks to this new report we now have the data and evidence to target groups and individuals within our community and help them get more active.

“This joint health report and the challenge to the borough will give us all the push we need to get healthier for 2014.”

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