Two more independents have joined independent candidates standing in May’s council elections.

The Wealdstone independents, which includes councillor Husain Akhtar and Dr Pravin Shah, have announced they will be joined by two other candidates in the Marlborough ward.

Adnan Akhtar, who was born and educated in Harrow and works in computing, will be running in May along with Navnitlal Patel, a retired accountant.

Mr Akhtar said: “We as a community have to maximise the use of IT in our community work as well as to fully avail ourselves of opportunities for our socio-economic growth."

“If elected, I would be actively involved in the IT governance of the council because the organisations that lack effective governance suffer from low performance."

Mr Patel said: “At a time when the economic situation due to the central or local government decisions hits businesses and residents hard, the communities need more and more help.”

Cllr Akhtar announced his candidacy for Wealdstone ward in September last year, in a move from Canons ward where he is currently a councillor.