Harrow Borough Council has backed a campaign to encourage more young people to vote.

The Change Things Now campaign, backed by human rights group Liberty and the National Union of Students, aims to increase the turnout of people aged between 18 abd 25.

It hopes to highlight the importance of voting and the fact young people cannot have a say about what the Government does if they don’t vote.

Leader of the council Susan Hall said: “Democracy is all about people deciding – but if you don’t vote, you don’t get to influence the decisions that’ll affect your life.

“ChangeThingsNow.co.uk is a great campaign aimed at encouraging our young people to register to vote and to get that their voices heard in our democracy.

“I’m very keen that, as we mark 60 years since the creation of the London Borough of Harrow and next year’s 800th anniversary of Magna Carta, we encourage even more of our younger residents to involve themselves in the democratic decision-making process that governs us all.”

Change Things Now has the target of getting at least 20,000 young people across London registered to vote.