A woman found dead in her bedroom died from natural causes as a result of her diabetes, a coroner found.

Malvika Patel died on April 15, 2013, at her home in sheltered accommodation in Bessborough Road, Harrow.

North London Coroners Court heard today how the 50-year-old was found by support staff at the home in the morning.

Coroner Andrew Walker said: “To the members of the family you have my deepest sympathies for your loss and I am very grateful for you coming down and for your assistance.”

During the hearing, pathologist Dr Ashley Fegan-Earl explained the cause of death was caused by hypoglycaemia, or low blood sugar, which was connected to Miss Patel’s diabetes.

The family said when they had been contacted by Ms Patel the night before her death there was something strange about her behaviour, and she may have not eaten properly that day.

In response, Dr Fegan-Earl told the inquest the balance between food and her diabetic medication may not have been correct.

The court also heard from the sheltered accomodation's regional care manager Raymond Vandy. who told the coroner what had happened on the day Ms Patel was discovered.

He said a support worker had gone to the room in the morning to collect Ms Patel so she could get her medication from the office.

After not getting a reply the worker looked into the room and found Ms Patel face down on her bedroom floor in the clothes she had been wearing the day before.

Mr Vandy received no response after trying to resuscitate her and after the arrival of London Ambulance Services she was pronounced dead at the scene.

In conclusion Mr Walker said the death had been caused by hypoglycaemia and Ms Patel’s type two diabetes, and therefore she died from natural causes.