A campaign has been launched to save a community festival - despite Harrow Borough Council's leader stressing it has not been cancelled for good.

Harrow Labour group has started a petition against proposals from the council to cancel its Under One Sky event.

Council leader Councillor Susan Hall says this year's festival will be incorporated into the borough’s celebrations to mark its 60th anniversary.

In a statement on the petition, the Labour group said: "The 'Under One Sky' festival brings communities together to celebrate culture, diversity and community cohesion.

“Each year the festival attracts both young and old people, families, community organisations and charities to celebrate together.

"Harrow is one of the most diverse and vibrant places in London, with a cohesive and strong community and this should be celebrated.”

In response, Cllr Hall said: “This is the year of Harrow’s 60th anniversary as a London borough, so it seems quite proper that the focus this year is on a family event in the town centre which celebrates that landmark through a range of activities.

“Parts of Under One Sky will be incorporated into the 60th celebrations – for example performances by young people – but the overall focus will be delivering on one outstanding 60th anniversary event, which is also designed to compliment separate ceremonies to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

“There is only a limited budget allocation for civic celebrations, and I am sure people would agree it is sensible to use that money to concentrate on one event in this special year.”

The campaign to save the event has also received support from the Wealdstone independent group led by Cllr Husain Akhtar.