A carpenter has described the “sickening” moment he realised £2,000 worth of tools had been stolen from the building site he was working on.

Joe Boxall, of Buckingham Drive, Edgware, arrived at the building site in Cavendish Drive, Edgware last Saturda morning and realised his security chest had been smashed open.

The 35-year-old said the tools were how he made his living.

He said: “It took me ten to 15 years to build everything up and now it’s gone in a flash.

“My heart sank. I was in turmoil, and walking around the site all morning thinking about how awful this whole thing is.

“It’s been awful, it’s been horrible. It was such a sickening feeling.”

Among the items taken were a Makita drill, a chop saw, Dewalt tools and SDS drills which each cost more than £350.

They were all sprayed with luminous purple security paint, making them easy to spot.

He is now asking for people to be on the lookout for them on eBay, or at car boot sales or pawn shops.

Since they were stolen, he has struggled to work properly and has been forced to make do with back-up items he had left at his mother’s house.

Next week, he is due to travel to India with his wife Sarah for a six-month trip to volunteer with blind people and study the Bible.

He added: “I’m a Christian and so I’ve managed to find peace and forgiven whoever it is who has done this to me.

“It’s put a real dent in my trip to India - I am still looking forward to it, but now I’m worried about how to replace my items when I get back.

“I just hope someone has a heart and returns my tools to me before I go away.”

Police are investigating.

Could you help reunite Mr Boxall with his stolen items? E-mail the newsdesk on aslater@london.newsquest.co.uk.