A man who stabbed his girlfriend and left her paralysed from the chest down has been found guilty of attempted murder.

Donovan Golding, 36, of Atlip Road, Wembley, was found guilty at Harrow Crown Court yesterday of the attempted murder of his ex-girlfriend, Nicolita Ghette in July last year.

On July 8 Golding went to the home of Ms Ghete in Hindes Road, Harrow, and tried to get in the front door.

He eventually got in and after a long argument, Golding attacked Ms Ghete with a kitchen knife.

She received several stab wounds to the hands, torso, neck and back and would have died if it was not for the swift action of police officers and ambulance staff who attended the scene.

Following the verdict Sergeant Ruby Kadiri of Harrow police said: “I am pleased with the verdict today but my first thought is for the victim in this case who now faces a life with a disability caused by a violent ex-partner who could not accept that his controlling relationship was over.

“He brutally attempted to kill Nicolita and then tried to claim a case of self-defence.

“I am happy for Nicolita that Golding has been found guilty and I would encourage anybody suffering from domestic violence to have confidence in police and come forward to report it.”

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Stride said: “Police are delighted with the successful prosecution and I must praise the courage of the victim Nicolita Ghete.

Adding he was confident the result of the case sent out a positive message to the community and victims of domestic violence about how police treat cases of this nature.

Police also hope the case will encourage more victims to come forward in the future.

Golding will be sentenced on February 26 at Harrow Crown Court.