The Conservative administration has rubbished claims from the Labour group on welfare spending and say it is already set aside money for those in need.

The comments come after Harrow Labour said it would help the borough’s most vulnerable if they come to power in this year’s elections.

They claimed the Conservative’s cut money set aside to help those most in need in its new budget.

Cabinet member for finance, Tony Ferrari said: "It's hard to work out exactly why Labour keep attacking us for spending a welfare contingency in a useful fashion.

“This is money that a demand did not materialise for, and which Labour themselves said they would cut after the election.

“We think getting value out of taxpayers’ money is what we are here for; not leaving it unused in contingency funds.

“So what will we spend it on? We took Labours budget and added £600,000 to care for the elderly and vulnerable, £300,000 for transport for children with special educational needs and £500,000 for extra social workers to help at risk children.

“We are continuing the Harrow Help Scheme, and are making it easier for families in difficulty to get access to urgent emergency support in hard times."