In June the Harrow Times told the story of a disabled woman who felt trapped in her own home after railings were put up across her drive.

Pat Gray, of Pinner Road, said she felt like a prisoner in her own home after Harrow Borough Council erected the railings after installing a nearby pelican crossing.

The 75-year-old told how hard it was for her carer to find parking spaces for her daily visit and how she found it difficult to get into cars of her friends.

Harrow council told the Harrow Times people picking up or dropping her off could do so without risking parking tickets.

Also during June, Bob Blackman MP warned of a year of chaos at a public meeting about Barnet FC’s move to the Hive Stadium.

The club were due to move to Harrow for the new football season in September after leaving their former Underhill ground in Barnet.

More than 150 people attended a public meeting and signed a petition against the move with concerns over parking, noise and lack of planning permission for the stadium.

This was one of the first stories about the issue of Barent FC in the Harrow Times, which continued throughout the year.

Harrow Borough Council approved controversial plans to expand Vaughan School in West Harrow.

The school will have a new two-storey building, the existing building will be remodelled and new parking spaces. Campaigners against the proposals called it the “worst decision the council has ever made.”