The Fire Brigade has issued a public warning following a wok fire which nearly destroyed a home.

Firefighters are urging people never to pour water on hot oil following a fire in Nightingale Avenue, Harrow on Sunday.

Crews attended the scene, where it is believed oil caught fire after a woman left a wok unattended on the stove.

On finding the fire the woman picked up the pan and put it under the tap, which made the fire worse.

She then put a duvet on top of the blaze but that also caught fire and caused it to spread.

The woman was taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation. Crews were called to the scene at 12.09am on Sunday morning and the fire was under control by 1am.

A London Fire Brigade spokesman said: “Never, ever pour water on to a fat fire. In this incident, the fire intensified and become much more serious.

“If you’re cooking with oil you should never fill the pan beyond a third of oil, and if your oil starts to smoke, turn the heat off immediately."