Traders are shocked after a man fell from the roof of the St George’s Centre this morning.

Emergency services were called to the shopping centre at 9am following reports that a man, believed to be in his 40s, was on the roof.

About an hour later the man fell.

Paramedics treated him for minor cuts and bruises and took him to hospital for further treatment but his injuries are not thought to be serious.

Annan Sheikh, 21, sales assistant at Body Shop in St Ann’s Road, said she was shocked to find the centre where she has worked for nine months cordoned off by police.

But for others this was only the latest in a series of such incidents.

Murtaza Muraj, 37, manager of The Fragrance Shop in the centre, said: “The important thing is he survived.

“I have been working here for four years. Two years ago something like this happened and last year someone fell inside the centre.


“I’m starting to wonder why they choose this place.”

In October 2011 a man fell from the fourth floor of the shopping centre and was taken to Royal London Hospital with critical injuries.


The incident forced the centre to close for the rest of the day.

Matthew James, 27, customer consultant at Carphone Warehouse in St Ann’s Road, said: “This sort of thing has happened around this time last year.

“It shocking because it not every day you hear a man has fallen off a building.”

Kimberley Rd, Headstone Road and College Road in Harrow town centre were closed while the incident was happening but all have now been reopened.