A Pinner school hosted a foreign language spelling competition for students from 11 girls’ schools today.

Heathfield School for Girls in Beaulieu Drive hosted the regional semi finals of the Girls’ Day School Trust Foreign Language Spelling Bee.

Pupils from Heathfield and ten other girls’ private schools went head to head to prove their language skills.

They were tested on the spelling and pronunciation of 90 words in five different languages – French, German, Spanish, Latin and Mandarin.

This was one of four heats taking place across the country, involving 21 schools and 370 pupils.

The winning teams will go through to the final at Howell’s School in Cardiff on March 5.

The event was held to mark the 140th anniversary of the Girls’ Day School Trust, a group of 26 independent girls’ schools in England and Wales.

Sara Siddiqi, Year 8 pupil, said “This was such a lovely chance to meet pupils from different trust schools.

“I was very nervous not only for me but for my friends too.”

Aarthi Raguraj, Year 8, added “It was a really good experience and it improved my French vocabulary. I would like to do this again.”