Residents want Abu Qatada to be sent away from their neighbourhood following a protest by a far right group on Saturday because “he just attracts trouble”.

The English National Resistance, which has links to the English Defence League, was planning to stage a demonstration outside the Harrow borough home of Abu Qatada at 12pm.

However, the group was forced to cancel the protest after a last minute High Court injunction was brought to prevent it.

Despite the injunction, a smaller demonstration was held outside the area covered by the restriction.

More than 25 people with flags and banners gathered on a street and shouted “get the bombers off our streets”.

A resident who lives near where the protest took place is not happy about Mr Qatada living in the area and said: “We are worried in the sense that other guys will come and blow us up.

“He is a trouble maker and it is very sad that this country has spent so much money on him.”

A shopkeeper who witnessed the protest is worried about far right groups like the English National Resistance. He said: “I am a Muslim too and if people are nice to me then I am nice to them so it worries me to see such people in our area.”

The English National Resistance has vowed to fight the injunction, which prevents it holding protests within 500 yards of Mr Qatada’s house, in the High Court on February 15.