CONGRATULATIONS readers! The Music Free campaign has scored a major victory.

Transport for London has agreed to redesign its posters asking people to "Please keep their music down" and have gone for a much stronger stance with the message "Turn it off; Keep it down".

But this victory for all the people who hate having loud music blaring from mobile phones and personal stereos is only the start of what can be achieved.

Our campaign partners Tom Wright and Valeria Martinelli still need signatures on their online petition. They need to reach 4,500 signatures to be able to present the petition and ask travel companies to implement a blanket ban on mobile music menaces and protect passengers while they travel.

Tom explained that he wrote to both the Mayor and TfL to express his utmost dissatisfaction with the proposed sign, indicating that it was ambivalent and inappropriate.

He said: "We honestly did not expect anything to change as TfL's representative had told us in no uncertain terms that the sign would not be altered.

"Imagine our satisfaction and surprise then when we received the following message from TfL last Friday: You'll be pleased to know that we have now changed our on-bus publicity regarding the playing of music. As you can see the signs, which are now mandatory on all buses, clearly ask passengers to turn off music that could be played through a speaker; while those with headphones are asked to use them with consideration'."

And Tom explained that was not all that TfL has changed on its signage, he explained that the specific "Turn it off; Keep it down" notice will also be posted inside buses, at the back, on both decks; as this is where the inconsiderate playing of music tends to happen most.

Speaking with evident delight at his long-awaited success, Tom said: "We are so pleased! We never thought this would happen, but it seems that our efforts have been rewarded in the end. TfL have eventually listened to their customers and taken an active step to try and discourage one aspect of antisocial behaviour."

But, as yet, these signs will only appear on buses and TfL has been unable to confirm that the posters will appear on tube trains.