THE initial response to our campaign to make "Transport Music Free" has been fantastic.

Lots of you have contributed online, by post and telephone to give us your experiences of antisocial behaviour and the playing of music from mobile phones while you travel to work.

Please continue sending your contributions in. The ball has only just started rolling and if we are to get Ken Livingstone and Transport for London to actually implement some real changes we need all the support we can get.

And we are so pleased with your responses we have decided to make this week's story all about you and share some of your experiences in the hope that even more readers will get behind our campaign.

Hattie, from Uxbridge, posted a comment on our website on Tuesday April 17. She said: "The playing of music on buses has infuriated me for a while now and since practically all new phones now have the ability to play music, it seems to happen more and more regularly.

"My fear is that it will become so common that people will start to just put up with it and eventually it will be accepted. The playing of music on public transport needs to be banned outright, as soon as possible, before this nuisance become the norm."

And one bus driver from Hayes said: "We are powerless when dealing with antisocial yobs. If we deal with yobs the answer is assaults towards bus drivers. All this because of free travel for all, we have to blame Mr Ken."

And a former police officer, Simon Wilson, of Honeypot Lane, Stanmore, said: " I feel the ban would be a great idea - and then at least they face some sort of punishment for their behaviour.

"I do not envy the plight of the lone bus driver, after being a serving police officer for 11 years in London I have dealt with many incidents on buses, the best place and safest place for the driver is to remain in his seat. It is also up to passengers to challenge the youths, but this would require a group of passengers to do this, otherwise a lone challenger would almost certainly risk receiving the backlash from the youths. Sometimes this can be quite nasty."