THIS Big Apple based chick-flick sees two life-long friends become arch rivals following a clerical error that sets both of their weddings on the same date.

When Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Liv (Kate Hudson) are proposed to by their boyfriends within hours of each other, things couldn’t have been better.

Both of the brides-to-be arrange to have their dream weddings at the luxury Plaza Hotel in the same month and promise to be each other’s maid of honour.

But their happiness turns sour when they receive a call confirming that an error has placed their weddings on the same date and at the same time.

The pair remain stubborn, refusing to change the date or location of their fairy tale wedding resulting in a dual of the Bridezillas.

The new found enemies compete for the guests at their wedding by subjecting each other to malicious tricks that spiral out of control.

One of Emma’s attacks sees her sneaking into her former friend’s hairdresser’s and changing the colour of the hair dye to give Liv a blue rise for her special day.

Liv steps up to the challenge by telling friends Emma is pregnant, resulting in gifts being sent to the expectant mum.

As with all feisty, female flicks goodness triumphs over evil; the rows die down and friendship conquers all.

On a serious note, the film won’t be winning any awards and will not be highly rated by those looking for a believable watch.

But it will certainly leave you laughing with your friends on the way home.

Fun and frolics 6/10