JIMMY Carr’s latest collection of outrageous gags is not for the faint of heart.

Recorded at London’s Bloomsbury Theatre, this performance captures the comic’s rapid–fire routine at its best, with Carr touching on taboo topics guaranteed to make your eyes water.

Carr may tell jokes only slightly more socially acceptable than those of fellow quiz show panelist Frankie Boyle, but his comedy has a warmth that the caustic Glaswegian omits from his act.

He always seems to ensure that his acerbic put-downs include audience members in on the joke, although this DVD’s extras do include a 36-minute montage of Carr’s most brutal mauling of hecklers, brought to life by a variety of animators.

Interspersing his one-liners with longer jokes and two interludes, the first an amusing poetry reading and the latter a collection of philosophical thoughts set to jazz, the only complaint is that his act does suffer from its repetitive nature.

Nevertheless, this is a dark treat.