The latest action-thriller from I, Robot director, Alex Proyas, is a gripping mystery starring Nicolas Cage as Professor Myles, who stumbles on a time capsule at his sonʼs school and finds it contains a sequence of grim predictions for the future. Whatʼs terrifying is that some disasters have happened already, while others yet to come hold devastating implications for his own family. Professor Myles takes on a desperate race against time… Filmed in Australia, Knowing also stars Rose Byrne from 28 Weeks Later and TVʼs Damages.

Emotional romantic drama directed by Stephen Frears and adapted by Christopher Hampton from the Collette novel. Michelle Pfeiffer – who was also in their earlier hit film, Dangerous Liaisons – stars as a beautiful, retired courtesan who teaches her young lover, Chéri (Rupert Friend), the ways of love and life in Paris.But when they are forced to end their relationship, events take an unexpected and shattering turn. Kathy Bates and Harriet Walter also appear.

The story of Brian Cloughʼs doomed 44 days as manager of reigning English football champions, Leeds United. Set in the 1960s and ʻ70s, The Damned United stars Michael Sheen as the legendary, opinionated Clough, Timothy Spall as his right hand man, Peter Taylor, and Colm Meaney as rival manager, Don Revie. Scripted by Peter Morgan, this is one not to be missed.

Poignant story of love and forgiveness set in the gorgeous Italian town. Colin Firth stars as Joe, a teacher who moves to Genova with his daughters, Kelly and Mary, for a fresh start after the sudden death of their mother. While Kelly goes exploring, Mary, haunted by nightmares, sees the ghost of her mother wandering the streets. Michael Winterbottom, the award-winning, Lancashire-born director, was behind the cameras.