The big picture: Fresh, character-driven romcom with a cool indie soundtrack. After a chance encounter in New York, complete strangers Nick (Michael Cera, below) and Norah (Kat Dennings) embark on a sleepless night of adventure that theyʼll never forget. With nothing in common except their taste in music, what starts as a quest to find the tape of a secret concert ends up changing their lives. Michael Cera, last seen in Juno, is in the running for a Rising Star award at this yearʼs BAFTAs.

The big picture: Chilling thriller set in London, from Brighton-born writer-director, Sean Ellis. This is the story of beautiful thirty-something Gina, played by Lena Headey, star of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The day after a mirror falls from the wall and smashes, Gina sees herself drive past in her own car. Following the woman to her apartment, she makes the eerie discovery of a photo of her father with her double. Ginaʼs world collapses totally and a disturbing nightmare begins…

The big picture: Romantic comedy exploring the humorous, dramatic world of the Bollywood film industry, and revealing the strange yet somehow attractive lives of the struggling actors, superstitious producers, flamboyant directors and established superstars. From the makers of Rock On, Luck By Chance is a smart story about two struggling actors brought together by Struggle, Ambition, Love and Redemption.