Study leave should be a godsend for teens - the chance to focus on revision for important exams that will shape their lives away from the distractions of the classroom.

“But too many teenagers don’t know how to organise their revision and make the most of the study time,” says Susan Moss, a former head teacher who now coaches teens in study skills.

“I find that when I work with them one to one they quickly build the confidence they may be lacking in their ability to study.

“I talk to them about the importance of focus and try to make them see that too much time spent on Facebook and not enough on revision could limit their future choices and land them in a dead-end job.

“Then we look at the subjects to be covered and how the available study time can best be allocated. I coach them in creating clear, bullet-point notes, filed by subject and module, and a realistic timetable for revision.

“Once having mastered organisation, they become independent learners, ready to achieve their full academic potential.”

Susan, who holds a Master’s degree in Education and has 27 years’ teaching experience, also supports teens between sessions via email, text and Skype: “Knowing they can get the support they need from me when they feel stuck really helps keep them motivated.”

As well as organising revision, Susan assists A level students in choosing their university courses and preparing their personal statements.

She also helps those facing the difficult move to a new school, and will support students suffering from dyslexia and dyspraxia, both in the classroom and at home.

Contact Susan on 020 8954 4524 or visit