It's all starting to get worryingly close now.

There are five days to go before the launch, which is likely to be on the bridge next to Parliament at 8am.

Everyone is more than welcome at the launch, although it is rather early in the morning, and I'm hoping I don't sleep in.

Given the current furore about Westminster, I'm hoping the launch site doesn't seem inappropriate.

Maybe a few MPs will turn up, in between nervously scrutinising every expense form they have ever submitted.

This weekend, I cycled to Canada Water to get myself kitted out for the ride, so I at least give the impression of being a professional cyclist.

After another £100 has been donated, I'll post a picture of me wearing my brand new ultra tight cycling shorts. They are spectacularly unflattering, but super comfy and that's what matters.

I've been given a diet tip this week to make me uber prepared for the start.

My housemate told me to go without carbs this week, so my body will be starved of them.

Then on Friday, he said I should pig out on pizza, pasta, and garlic bread, so my body goes into carb overload and I have lots of energy.

I'm going to give it a go, and will try to give you daily diet updates for a flavour of how successful this rather iffy tip is.

In the meantime, I am finalising ways to capture the ride on camera.

The latest suggestion is to strap the video camera to my helmet to fully capture what it is like struggling up those hills.

Think I might send an email to Top Gear asking how exactly they go about filming their show, because I imagine my production will be as good if not better!