In pursuit of more training, I have taken to keeping my bike in my little car and taking it out for a ride whenever possible.

The other day, I was a bit lost in Harrow and found myself down a dead end near the Kodak site.

In a flash, I realised this was the perfect chance for a quick cycle ride, got the Ammaco out of the back and away I went.

If you are familiar with the film The Dark Knight, there is a sequence where Batman drives his car for a bit then crashes it.

To continue to sequence, a Bat Bike fires out of the car with our caped hero on board.

In a way, a rather more mundane way and less dramtic way, I am Batman. Well, sort of.

I certainly felt a bit like a super hero, as I rode through the streets of Wealdstone, with my coat flapping behind me in the wind, looking for some crime to fight.

There wasn't any.

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